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U of U surpasses $750 million in research funding

Research funding at the U inches closer to $1 billion as the university sees a record-breaking tenth year of funding growth.

James Hotaling named Associate Vice President for Research Innovation and Translation

As AVPRIT, Dr. Hotaling will work to increase opportunities to help faculty develop and commercialize their research.

Ribbon Cutting for New Laser Powder Bed Fusion Machine

The machine uses a laser to locally melt metal powder in a layer-by-layer fashion according to a user-supplied CAD model.

Academia in Action: From academia to industry and back again

Abigail Pulsipher has taken the lessons she learned from industry and applied them to her lab and research at the ...

5th Annual F&A Town Hall – October 13

Join us for our annual F&A town hall as we talk research awards and more.

One Utah Data Science Hub Seed Grant Program

Applications are being accepted now until December 15.

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