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The Post James Hotaling named Associate Vice President for Research Innovation and Translation

James Hotaling named Associate Vice President for Research Innovation and Translation

The Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) at the University of Utah has named Dr. James M. Hotaling as Associate Vice President for Research Innovation and Translation (AVPRIT).

Hotaling begins his new role on September 22, 2023. He will report to Dr. Erin Rothwell, Vice President for Research.

The AVPRIT’s role is designed to help faculty move their research outside the walls of the university and develop products that can become widely distributed to help solve real-world problems.

As AVPRIT, Hotaling will work to increase opportunities to help faculty develop and commercialize their research. He will partner with the VPR Office to provide new programs and funding for faculty commercialization efforts. In addition, Hotaling will also work to increase the presence of the university in the innovation and translational research space on a national level, which will be done through engagement of both internal and external stakeholders.

“My goal is to make it easy for faculty to innovate and commercialize their technology at the University of Utah,” said Hotaling. “Ultimately our greatest asset in the innovation and translational space is our world-class faculty. Our goal will be to help faculty find internal and external funding and commercial partners to move their research endeavors beyond the walls of the university to benefit both the state and society in general.

About Dr. Hotaling
Hotaling is a board-certified urologist who is fellowship trained in male infertility. Hotaling is currently an Associate Professor of Surgery (Urology) and has built a successful men’s health and male infertility practice at the U. He attended Dartmouth, spent a year doing stem cell research in medical school at Duke, and obtained an MS in Clinical Epidemiology while in residency at the University of Washington.

Hotaling is the Director of Men’s Health and Male Infertility at the U and has founded the Surgical Population Analysis Research Core (SPARC) big data research group for surgery. Furthermore, Hotaling has co-led the DELPHI data science initiative.

Within the technology and commercialization industry, Hotaling has experience with company formation, operation and fundraising for early-stage companies and has developed an excellent local network to help faculty move their research into startup companies. He has founded multiple companies in the medical device and biotech space and sold two of them. Hotaling has five published patents and three pending patents; has licensed numerous technologies from the U; and has collaborated broadly with faculty across the health sciences and main campus to drive innovation.

“The future of tech innovation at the U is bright and it’s something we’re heavily invested in,” said Rothwell. “I am excited to work with Dr. Hotaling, who will be at the forefront of bringing the U’s novel innovations and breakthroughs to our communities.”

Hotaling will work closely with Bruce Hunter, Interim Chief Innovation Officer, and the Pivot center to advance U innovations. The Pivot center will be divided into two different units. The Pivot center will continue to work with faculty on technology transfer, invention disclosures, patents and intellectual property. Dr. Hotaling will create a new unit that will focus around commercialization, accelerators and start-ups.

University President Taylor Randall congratulates Hotaling on his new role as AVPRIT.

“Our university and its research community are making critical discoveries that help solve societal problems,” he said. “Dr. Hotaling will play a pivotal role in helping bring these breakthroughs and technologies to the masses with the help of funding and commercial partners and stakeholders. We’re thrilled to have him leading these important efforts in the innovation and translational research space.”

Dr. Michael Good, CEO of University of Utah Health and Senior Vice President of Health Sciences, said with Hotaling’s experience, he’ll be ready to work alongside both researchers and potential partners to bring innovations to the public.

“I am excited that Dr. Hotaling will be leading the way to help our university’s research community when it comes to commercialization of their research breakthroughs,” said Good. “He has an understanding of technologies; network building; and fundraising and company development — along with other professional experience — that will serve both our university communities well. Dr. Hotaling has always been a natural leader, and we at U of U Health look forward to seeing him lead and advocate for the U’s research community in his role as AVPRIT.”

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