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Leading The Way


The University of Utah’s innovative research continues to lead the way in
life-changing discoveries — and we have the history to back it up.

We received the first-ever National Institutes of Health grant in 1954 to study muscular dystrophy. We performed the world’s first artificial heart transplant. We were the fourth node on the ARPANET that evolved into the internet. We were the world’s first identification of the BRCA1 gene that contributes to our fight against breast and ovarian cancer. We paved the way for computer graphics pioneers who created Pixar, Atari, and Adobe. We have one of the largest population databases supporting global studies in cancer and cardiovascular work. We are renowned for our Nobel prize researcher’s work in developing novel gene targeting technology that can be used to study specific gene function in human disease and biology.

U research has been at the forefront of inventions and breakthroughs for countless studies. Honored by our history, inspired by the work done today, and — thanks to our talented research community — hopeful for a brighter future.

We are proud that our discoveries start with U.

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