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we do Research to FIND SOLUTIONS FOR U

A top-ranked research institution, the University of Utah drives world-changing breakthroughs that engage the pressing questions of our time. As a member of the prestigious AAU, the university is renowned for cutting-edge research facilities, top faculty investigators, and interdisciplinary approaches that transcend individual fields of study. From artificial organs to artificial intelligence, the University of Utah has tackled the most complicated technical, ethical, legal, and social issues for over 150 years.




Research HubS

The Office of the Vice President for Research launches Hubs to rapidly address research topics that cut across disciplinary boundaries.

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The Office of the Vice President for Research supports interdisciplinary working groups across a wide range of topics. Working groups facilitate faculty collaboration and the pursuit of larger goals.

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Interested in joining a working group? Have an innovative idea for interdisciplinary collaboration? Click the link below to get involved!

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