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The Post CSRO Communications Update: October 2023

CSRO Communications Update: October 2023

Update for Waiver Requests on Service Now

  • Service Now has a separate participant specific and study specific waiver option for Participant Payments. Fee Waivers for OnCore will remain the same.
  • You can put in a Service Now request through this link: Service Now.

Reminder for Participant Payments and paying minors

  • We just wanted to send a reminder that the Participant Payment system no longer allows for new studies starting in the payments system to pay minors (those under the age of 18).
  • The only way studies are able to use the Participant Payments system to pay minors is if they have already been paying them through the system with an existing study (they are grandfathered in) OR if they have a guardian assigned to them within the Participant Payment system that will be accepting the payments on their behalf. Here is a tip sheet that directs you how to add a guardian.
  • Information for this can be found at this link: Paying Minor Participants.

We now have Participant Payment documents available in Spanish

  • We are happy to announce that we have the documents that outline information and participant specific FAQs that are available in Spanish. We have linked the documents