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The Post U of U surpasses $750 million in research funding

U of U surpasses $750 million in research funding

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Research funding at the U inches closer to $1 billion as the university sees a record-breaking tenth year of funding growth.

The University of Utah is proud to announce that for the tenth year in a row, research funding hit another landmark year, reaching $768 million in fiscal year 2023.

The total is a new record high for the university, as research funding surpasses $700 million for the first time in university history. The U achieved milestones of $600 million in funding in 2020 and $500 million in 2018.

“The University of Utah is a top Research 1 (R1) institution, and our achievements both in the past and present reflect that,” said Dr. Erin Rothwell, vice president for research. “To see that our research funding has hit another record year is a testament to our students, faculty, staff and community partners’ commitment to bringing solutions to the societal issues of today and tomorrow.”

As a member of the prestigious American Association University, the University of Utah is known for its wide range of research in medicines, science, social work, arts and more. This fiscal year, research grants were awarded across 18 colleges in diverse disciplines.


Highlights from our research funding 

From tackling grand challenges in energy, data science, food insecurity, social work, biochemistry, maternal health, cancer, aerospace and more, research at the University of Utah spans across many studies, and growth in funding continues moving upward across several colleges and departments.

The U had significant growth over several colleges and institutes that contributed to this new record in research funding including the Huntsman Cancer Institute, David Eccles School of Business, College of Social Work, College of Architecture and Planning, and Cardiovascular Research and Training Institute.

The Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine had $312 million in funding this year with the departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics contributing over $113 million, followed by the departments of Biochemistry and Neurology contributing over $42 million.


Research funding by the numbers

In total, 3,152 grants were awarded to U principal investigators. Some of the funding agency sources include $39 million from the State of Utah, industry funding at $117 million, and foundations at $52 million.

Federal funding is without question a major contributor to the university. In fiscal year 2023, $487 million of the U’s research funding total came from federal funding.

Some of the federal funding agencies that contributed to the U of U’s record-breaking research funding in fiscal year 2023 include:

  • National Institutes of Health: $291 million
  • United States Department of Energy: $69 million
  • National Science Foundation: $55 million

Other agencies that contributed to the U’s research funding includes the Department of Defense and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Industry also provided a major role in the U’s research funding record in fiscal year 2023, contributing $117 million. Finally, state government provided $36 million.


Research and its impact on the economy

Research not only helps bring discoveries closer, but also helps many Utahns personally and economically. Over 8,300 employees are compensated by research dollars and over the last three years, research has supported nearly $600 million in wages.


“Research is helping pay bills, put food on tables, and giving families better lives,” said Rothwell. “Businesses in Utah also benefit from our university’s research. In 2022, the U generated nearly $28 million in expenditures on research-related goods and services in Utah and $126 million in 716 counties across the U.S. The university’s commitment and dedication to research will continue to create more jobs and support more business throughout the state.”

University President Taylor Randall said the U’s now decade-long growth in research funding only solidifies its status as a national and global leader in innovation.

“Discoveries at the U are finding solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges, bringing hope to issues that seemunsolvable, and inspiring generations of future researchers,” said Randall. “Our goal of $1 billion in research support is within reach thanks to the passion, hard work and dedication of the U’s research community.”

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