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The Post One Utah Data Science Hub Seed Grant Program

One Utah Data Science Hub Seed Grant Program

We are excited to share program details for the FY24 One Utah Data Science Hub Seed Grant Program, which has a deadline of December 15, 2023, 11:59PM MT. This program provides support for new collaborations and innovative research in data science and data-enabled science that will lead to federal extramural grant applications. We invite applications that build upon the missions of the One Utah Data Science Hub and support innovative research that cuts across traditional research areas. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Development of new data science analysis approaches for new discovery or translational applications
  • Integration of large datasets with machine learning or artificial intelligence methodologies to advance applications imperative to the human condition
  • Novel applications of data science techniques to critical research questions
  • Novel computational, data analytics, and visualization techniques and frameworks to support research and discovery
  • Use of data to improve translational research and improve the human condition
  • Big data driven research to optimize outcomes from ethics, fairness, and equity perspectives
  • Critical examinations of data infrastructure and/or policy
  • Elucidating and engaging data-centric disparities, ethical dilemmas, and historical realities
  • Optimizing data presentation, storage, analytics, and/or access

Specific questions about this program should be directed to us via email here.