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Limited Submission Opportunities

A Limited Submission Opportunity (LSO) is an extramural funding opportunity that limits the number applications submitted per institution. Researchers interested in submitting to a specific LSO must first apply to an internal competition and be selected for full proposal submission to the opportunity’s sponsor. Internal competitions help verify the eligibility of an applicant and ensure that another application has not already been selected to submit to a specific limited submission opportunity. Candidates selected in an internal competition are notified prior to the Sponsor’s deadline on whether they have been selected to submit a proposal on behalf of the University. Full information on LSO best practices for the University of Utah can be found HERE.

A short list of LSO internal competitions with upcoming deadlines is provided below. As a reminder, all active internal competitions for LSOs are found in the UofU Limited Submissions Portal on InfoReady.

Please contact VPR Grants with any questions OR to inquire about an LSO not found below or on the UofU Limited Submissions Portal.

Sponsor Program Title Limit Internal Application Deadline/Link
National Institute of Health (NIH) NIH Blueprint and BRAIN Initiative Program for Enhancing Neuroscience Diversity through Undergraduate Research Education Experiences (BP BRAIN-ENDURE) (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) 1 11/30/2023

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