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The Post 2024 Center on Aging and Family Caregiving Research Collaborative Pilot Grant Announcements

2024 Center on Aging and Family Caregiving Research Collaborative Pilot Grant Announcements

The Center on Aging (CoA) sponsors an annual pilot grant program to promote the development of aging research at the University of Utah. The goal of this program is to encourage new investigator career development, attract established investigators to aging research, and stimulate interdisciplinary research collaborations – ultimately leading to new externally funded research.  

The Family Caregiving Research Collaborative, a College of Nursing led interdisciplinary initiative, sponsors a family caregiving focused pilot grant. This application must include a focus on unpaid caregivers/care partners/social ties which will be maintained when seeking extramural funding. Note that the Caregiver Collaborative targeted award is not required to focus on aging or older caregivers but can pertain to any point across the life course. 

A two-step submission process will be followed for each pilot grant program. Step one is a “letter of intent” submitted via a RedCap survey that will provide enough information to be reviewed by the Steering Committee and for it to invite applicants to submit a full proposal in Step two. Proposal details for each program are found in the links to each Request for Proposals in the descriptions below. Please note that the full proposal for each is limited to three pages.  

The Center on Aging will devote up to $150,000 to funding its pilot grant program this fiscal year. The Family Caregiving Research Collaborative will devote $25,000 for its pilot grant program. 

Step One: Submit Letter of Intent Survey. Deadline is February 02, 2024. Click here to submit. 

  • Center on Aging Pilot Grants – One-year duration, $25,000 budget limit 

For this year’s CoA program, funding priority will be given to applications that incorporate an Age-Friendly Care Focus applying one or more of the geriatric 4M’s (What Matters, Medication, Mentation and Mobility). The goal of this pilot program is to encourage new investigator career development, attract established investigators to aging research, and stimulate interdisciplinary research collaborations. 

Additional review criteria are: aging focus and significance, new interdisciplinary collaboration, new investigators (junior faculty), or those new to aging research, scientific merit and innovative nature of the research, and likelihood the proposed study will lead to peer-reviewed extramural funding. 

Click here for the Center on Aging RFP. 

  • Family Caregiving Research Collaborative Pilot Grant – One-year duration, $25,000 budget limit 

Review criteria will include: Caregiving focus, Scientific merit and Likelihood of the proposed study leading to extramural funding. 

Click here for the Family Caregiving Collaborative RFP. 

Step One: Submit Letter of Intent Survey by the February 2, 2024, deadline. Click here to submit. 


Letter of Intent Submission Deadline  February 02, 2024 
Full proposal invitations issued  February 16, 2024 
Full proposal Application Deadline  March 29, 2024 
Earliest funding availability  July 1, 2024 


Applicants for the CoA program are encouraged to contact CoA Steering Committee members listed in the table below to discuss ideas for possible submissions or to provide assistance with your submission.  

Applicants for the Family Caregiving Collaboration Award may contact Dr. Lee Ellington.

Name  College/ Department  E-mail address 
Sarah Canham, PhD  College of Social Work 
Kara Dassel, PhD  College of Nursing 
Tony Donato, PhD  School of Medicine 
Micah Drummond, PhD  Physical Therapy 
Linda Edelman, PhD  College of Nursing 
Lee Ellington, PhD  College of Nursing 
Timothy Farrell, MD  Division of Geriatrics 


Rand Rupper, MD  Division of Geriatrics 
Caroline Stephens, PhD  College of Nursing 


Mark Supiano, MD  Division of Geriatrics 
Enrique Varela, DDS  School of Dentistry 
Dan Witt, PharmD  College of Pharmacy 

For any other questions, please contact either Dr. Mark Supiano or Heather Podolan.