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Academia in Action: Inaugural University of Utah Innovation Awards

The event celebrated U researchers who are going above and beyond to translate their research into solutions to today’s ...

Considerations for the U research community in anticipation of a possible shutdown on Nov. 17th

It’s highly encouraged that the U’s research community be proactive in the event of a government shutdown.

Enroll in the Foundations/Corporate Funding class

The class will explore private foundations as an option for research funding.

Applications being accepted for pilot project funding from the Institutional Research Grant

This funding mechanism provides pilot project funding to junior investigators.

CSRO Communications Update: October 2023

Here are a few communications updates from the Clinical Research Support Office.

Shields up! Protect yourself online with these simple steps.

Here are four easy things you can do today to keep yourself cybersafe.

University Information Technology updates for October 2023

Here are several updates from UIT for this month.

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