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The Post RSVP by Dec. 1 for the Reproductive Health Working Group Town Hall

RSVP by Dec. 1 for the Reproductive Health Working Group Town Hall

RSVP deadline: December 1, 2023

We invite all interested faculty to attend a 2-hour in-person town hall to kick-off the Reproductive Health Working Group. The Reproductive Health Working Group will play a pivotal role in advancing the comprehensive well-being of our community by bringing together a diverse group of dedicated healthcare providers, researchers, educators, and administrators committed to collaborative research in this critical field. The Working Group encompasses the entire spectrum of sexual and reproductive health, fostering an environment that encourages innovative and ambitious collaborations to broaden the reach, capabilities, and impact of all those engaged in this crucial endeavor.

The town hall will take place on Wednesday, January 10th, 2024, from 11am-1pm. The first session will promote the working group, help determine first steps, and to ensure that we are actively meeting the areas of need for various populations and for researchers who wish to collaborate and develop research action in this space.

Participating individuals will have an opportunity to present 2-slide (maximum) lightning talks of their current research/ideas and to collectively brainstorm ideas for collaborative, cross-campus work and/or aims for new research endeavors. Lightning talks will be limited to 1 minute per person. Space for lightning talks is limited.

Please RSVP for this in-person retreat by December 1, 2023. RSVP is required to ensure a room with adequate seating can be arranged AND to ensure participants who want to present a lightning talk can be scheduled. RSVPs are accepted HERE.

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