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The Post Clinical Research Support Office Communications May 2024 Update

Clinical Research Support Office Communications May 2024 Update


  1. OnCore to Epic > Treatment Section | Treatment Arms are created in OnCore and sent to Epic. The Step Code, Arm Code and Arm Description cannot be renamed nor deleted if a subject/participant has been assigned to an Arm in OnCore, this will cause an error in Epic. Please check out our tip sheet posted on our website and BOX| OnCore PC Console Treatment Section for more details.
  2. OnCore Annotations Section | As a reminder, this form must be completed for all protocols in OnCore. Protocols missing this form will show the following message: “This protocol does not have an annotations form created. Switch to Update Mode to create the annotation form”. Please click on the Update button and locate the sections denoted with an (*), these are required to be completed by study teams.


  1. Payments to Human Research Participants | This document was revised on February 29,2024. Updates on collecting tax information via W9 for approved payment types has been cleared stated under Category A and B. There is also information regarding employees who receive human research participant payments, and how they will be treated for IRS tax reporting purposes as the University. Please see link
  2. CRSO Participant Payment email address | We’ve created an email address for study teams to use to notify CRSO of payment issues. Please email our team.

Study Monitor/EPIC/ETC

  1. Submit Service Now tickets via Epic | Did you know you can submit a request to the Epic team for issues related to Clinical Research? These are known as ‘Trouble Ticket’, easy to locate under the Search field or Reference Section. Make sure to click the pin to save it as a favorite. The Epic team is wanting to assist with any Epic issues you’re experience (e.g., order isn’t pulling up for a patient, how do I review the Research Billing Review report etc.)
  2. ARUP Electronic Ordering Exemption | The review of these requests has been transitioned under the CRSO Finance team. The form is currently housed in PULSE, please continue to use the site until we can find a new home for the form. Review and approvals will be processed within 5 business days.
  3. Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA) Training | Training is provided by the Compliance Services office through Research Education. Please sign up for RED 752 (MCA)
  4. Research Billing Review in Epic | RCSS has kindly asked that study teams start reviewing charges twice a week Friday and Starting with Highest Dollar Accounts followed by Oldest Dates of Service. This impacts the claims not being sent out as soon as possible, along with the overall amount for CFB (Candidate for Billing) and AR (Accounts Receivable).