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Data Science Education

Data Science Series
Each course will include asynchronous lectures and quizzes and will be taught in either R or Python. The series has been designed by Dr. Rebecca Barter and will grow to include additional modules, so check back again soon!
Educational Workshops
The DELPHI Biomedical Data Science Initiative offers regular, in-person software carpentries workshops on topics like R, python, SQL, GitHub, NLP, and more.
Degree & Certificate Programs
Collection of existing undergraduate, graduate, professional, and certificate programs in data science and related fields offered by the University of Utah.

Guidelines, Principles, and Other Materials

Principles of Artifical Intelligence Ethics for the Intelligence Community by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence
National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan 2023 Update, a Report by the Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence of the National Science and Technology Council
Coalition for Health AI provides guidelines for the responsible use of AI in healthcare
Algorithm Watch is a non-profit research and advocacy organization that is committed to watch, unpack and analyze automated decision-making (ADM) systems and their impact on society

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