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The One U Research Council (OURC) is a campus-wide council that helps foster stronger connections between the Office Vice President for Research (VPR) to the greater research community. The OURC engages in dialogue around campus-specific research matters, and makes recommendations to the VPR for strategic, cross-campus research programs, policy, and infrastructure that:

  • Empower the University of Utah campus community to lead innovative and strategic research efforts through shared resources and collaboration;
  • Informs, evaluates, and implements elements of the VPR's Strategic Research Refresh and;
  • Supports institutional efforts in serving and guiding the "New Utah" and establishing the University of Utah as a top-10 public university with unsurpassed societal impact.

The OURC includes representation from across the university and is chaired by the Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR).

Research Innovation Hubs

A primary goal of the OURC is to develop, launch, and monitor major research initiatives of the University of Utah, including the Research Innovation Hubs. These Research Innovation Hubs are designed to address grand challenges of our local, national, and global communities - identifying creative solutions for these challenges through new and innovative research directions. In Fall 2022, the OURC helped to launch the One Utah Data Science Hub.

One Utah Data Science Hub
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2022-2023 One U Research Council

Jakob D. Jensen, OURC Chair
Associate Vice President for Research
Office of the Vice President for Research

Rachel Hess
Assoc. Vice President for Research, Health Sciences
Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences

Mary Ann Villareal
Vice President for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Keith Bartholomew
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
College of Architecture + Planning

Becky Zarate
Associate Dean for Research
College of Fine Arts

Annie Fukushima
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Research
Research Liaison, School for Cultural and Social Transformation

Carol Lim
Executive Associate Dean for Research
College of Pharmacy

Isabel Moreira
Associate Dean for Research
College of Humanities

Andrea Rorrer
Director of Utah Education Policy Center
Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy

Robert Zheng
Interim Associate Dean for Research
College of Education

Neli Ulrich
Research Liaison & Executive Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center
Huntsman Cancer Institute

Brenda Heaton
Associate Dean
School of Dentistry

Darryl Butt
Dean, Graduate School
Research Liaison, Mining and Earth Sciences

Rebecca Utz
Associate Dean for Research
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Caren Frost
Assoc. Vice President for Research Integrity & Compliance
Office of the Vice President for Research

Tyler Matsamas
Associate Director of Operations and Logistics
Office of the Vice President for Research

Stephen Stubben
Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
School of Business

Teneille R. Brown
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
College of Law

Julie Fritz
Associate Dean for Research
College of Health

Chris Hill
Vice Dean of Research
School of Medicine

Meeyoung Min
Research Liaison & Associate Professor of Social Work
College of Social Work

Manish Parashar
Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute

Harish Maringanti
Associate Dean for Research
Marriot & Eccles Health Sciences Libraries

Andrea Wallace
Associate Dean for Research
College of Nursing

Kevin Whitty
Associate Dean for Research
College of Engineering

Pearl Sandick
Associate Dean of Faculty
College of Science

Mike Kirby
Professor and Research Liaison
School for Computing, College of Engineering