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Research Instrumentation Fund (RIF)

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Program Information

FY 21 Award Information

Name Department Project Title
Sihem Boudina Nutrition and Integrative Physiology Langendorff Working Heart System Capable of Cardiac Metabollism and Contractability Measurement
Julia Brasch Biochemistry SEC-MALS System for Macromolecular Analysis
Christopher Depner Kinesiology High-Density PSG/EEG System to Enable Fundamental and Clinical Translational Sleep and Circadian Research
Vikram Desphande Physics & Astronomy Acquisition of High-Field Superconducting Magnet for Millikelvin Dilution Fridge
Edward Di Bella Radiology & Imaging Sciences MRI-compatible Injection System for Research
Diego Fernandez Environmental Analytical Research for Transformative Health (EARTH) Core Facility Replacement of Programable Milling Machine for Environmental and Biological Samples
Weilu Gao Electrical and Computer Engineering Acquisition of far-infrared extension kit and temperature-controlled stage for Fourier transform infrared spectrometer upgrade
Jacob George Biomedical Engineering Dual Explorer Nomad Processor System for High-Density, Wireless, FDA-Approved, Brain-Computer Interfacing
Tanya Halliday Kinesiology Development of a Metabolic Kitchen for Clinical and Translational Research
Pania Newell Mechanical Engineering SEM PicoIndentor to Enable In-Situ Nano-Mechanical Characterization
J. David Symons Ultrasound Core at the Eccles Institute of Human Genetics (EIHG) Purchase of ESR5000 to measure reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in biological samples

FY21 Awards Summary

Awards Made 11
Total Amount Awarded: $956,016.24