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Research Incentive Seed Grant Awards

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Program Information

Name Department Project Title Cycle
Timothy Adkunle Architecture Building Performance Evaluation and Energy-Efficient Retrofitting Strategies for Institutional Buildings: A Case Study of Research Laboratories at the University of Utah 2023
Arul Mishra Marketing Understanding intertemporal Decisions Using Symbolic Regression 2023
Josh Feng Entrepreneurship & Strategy Innovator Transitions 2023
Sara Malik Accounting Hospital Finance and Patient Outcomes: The Role of Managerial Expertise 2023
Kathleen Strickland-Cohen Special Education Assessing Impacts of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support on Inclusion and Outcomes for Students with Disabilities 2023
Jeff Bates Materials Science and Engineering Development of a Hydrogel Microfluidic, Soft Robotic System 2023
Jennifer Weidhaas Civil Engineering Wastewater micro-RNA and metabolomics as an untapped source for understanding the exposome of environmental justice communities 2023
Marc Porter Chemical Engineering Changing the Measurement Paradigm in High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Reagent-free Fluorescence Detection 2023
Pai Wang Mechanical Engineering Variational Quantum Computing for Instability and Nonlinear Deformation in Mechanics 2023
Tao Gao Chemical Engineering Acid-in-clay proton membrane for novel chemical technologies 2023
James Shelton Music Accessing Old Instruments for New Trumpet Performance 2023
Lynn Maxfield Music Investigating the Mechanisms Governing the Impact of Voiced and Non-Voiced Arts Participation on Biomarkers of Health and Wellbeing 2023
Heather Hayes Physical Therapy and Athletic Training Cycling in Subacute Stroke for Power and Gait Symmetry 2023
John David Symons Nutrition & Integrative Physiology Targeting endothelial cell glucose transporter 1 to influence outcomes of acute ischemic stroke 2023
Lisa Meerts-Brandsma Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Parks and Recreation as a Community Health Resource: Identifying the Master Narratives and Needs of Parks and Recreation Professionals 2023
Tanya Halliday Health & Kinesiology Does the Time of Day Resistance Exercise is Performed Impact Glycemic Control in Older Adults? 2023
Ruhan Nagra Law Managed Retreat in Marginalized Communities: A Pilot Qualitative Study 2023
Abigail Pulispher Otolaryngology Controlled Delivery of Synthetic Glycosaminoglycans as Adjuvant Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer 2023
Adam Hughes Biochemistry Using yeast to identify mechanisms of L-DOPA toxicity 2023
Carolyn Swenson Obstetrics & Gynecology Novel Application of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging to Identify Microstructural Changes in the Levator Ani Muscles Associated with Pelvic Organ Prolapse 2023
Christine Mullen Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Accelerated aging as a late effect of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury 2023
Dan Kaufmann Neurology Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy (EAET) as a novel migraine treatment 2023
Demian Cazalla Biochemistry Identification and characterization of small nuclear RNAs in neurons 2023
Edward Di Bella Radiology & Imaging Sciences Development of gadolinium-free MRI to evaluate myocardial fibrosis in advanced kidney disease 2023
Katharine Walter Epidemiology Genomic reconstruction of Valley fever fungus emergence in the western United States 2023
Panagiotis Kassavetis Neurology Precision high dose non-invasive neuromodulation for treatment of cervical dystonia: An open label trial of feasibility, safety and tolerability. 2023
Patrice Nsangou Pathology Targeting the receptor tyrosine kinase EphB2 in obesity 2023
Silke Becker Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences The Cellular Origin of Diabetic Retinopathy 2023
Sixiang Shi Radiology & Imaging Sciences Bispecific Antibody Fragment Heterodimer for Targeted Radiotherapy of Immune-Evading Metastatic Ovarian Cancer 2023
Echo Warner Nursing Online Cancer Misinformation (ONCM) Framework Face Validity Testing 2023
Amy Barrios Medicinal Chemistry Illudalic acid-based inhibitors of LAR phosphatase activity as novel anti-diabetic agents 2023
Jiyuan Yang Molecular Pharmaceutics Multivalent DR5 receptor clustering agonists for treatment of colon cancer 2023
Mingnan Chen Molecular Pharmaceutics Programmed death-1 (PD-1), a biomarker for immune cells that contribute to seizures following CNS infection 2023
Chen Wang Materials Science and Engineering Investigation of Thermal Decomposition and Adhesive Strength of Interpolymer Complexes 2023
Connor Bischak Chemistry Light-Controlled Ion Transport through Organic Semiconductors 2023
Eric Montoya Physics and Astronomy Spin-orbit torque control of organic ferrimagnetic insulator vanadium tetracyanoethylene (V(TCNE)) 2023
Illya Zharov Chemistry Hierarchical Superhydrophobic Surfaces from Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticles: A Collaborative Experimental and Computational Investigation 2023
Xuming Wang Materials Science and Engineering Direct Printing of Na-ion Battery with a Nanocomposite PEO/HNT Electrolyte 2023
Haimanti Battacharya Economics Efficacy of Non-Monetary Interventions to Mitigate Corruption: Experimental Evidence from India 2023
Jennifer Shah Environmental & Sustainability Studies Evaluating Climate Crisis Eco-Grief 2023
Lina Svedin Political Science Community Engaged Working Groups for Workforce Development - Advancing Convergence Research Through Training & Education 2023
Matthew Fry Geography Electricity Territories and the Geographies of Utah's Energy Transition 2023
Pavitra Govindan Economics Explaining the Gender Gap in Self Promotion: Labor Market Discrimination and Social Norms 2023
Polly Wiessner Anthropology The Impact of Warfare on Night Activities and Sleep Among the Papua New Guinea 2023
Jeremiah Jaggers Social Work Psychological & Metabolic Health and Atypical Antipsychotic Use among Dual Status Youth 2023
Meeyoung Min Social Work Development of a Sense of Purpose in Adolescents Who Experience Marginalization 2023
Maile Arvin Gender Studies E Mālama Nā Lei Poina ʻOle (Care for the Children Not Forgotten): Building a Digital Database for Accessing and Interpreting Histories of Child Institutionalization in Hawaiʻi 2023
Marie Sarita Gaytan Gender Studies Development, Sustainability, and Indigenous Autonomy in the Andean Altiplano 2023
Allesandro Rigolon City and Metropolitan Planning The cycle of green gentrification: How the green growth machine steers park investments to gentrifying neighborhoods 2022
Elena Asparouhova Finance Financial Market Participation and Delegation to Algorithmic Traders by Human Investors 2022
Sachin Banker Marketing Consumers and Algorithms in the Digital Marketplace 2022
Promothesh Chatterjee Marketing How Big Data and NLP Methods Can Help Understand People’s Job Choices 2022
Annette Fleckenstein Dentistry Fentanyl, Methamphetamine and Dopaminergic Neurons 2022
Kirsten Lansey Special Education Visualizing educational opportunity in Utah: The junction of demographics, location, placement, and outcomes of students with extensive support needs 2022
David Woo Educational Leadership and Policy Examining the Relationship between School Outcomes and Assistant Principals'' Duties 2022
Aishwaryadev Banerjee Electrical and Computer Engineering Miniaturized breath biopsy system using quantum-tunneling sensors...for rapid detection of lung cancer biomarkers 2022
Mathieu Francoeur Mechanical Engineering Engineering the thermal conductivity of dielectric nanostructures via coupled surface phonon-polaritons 2022
Huiwan Ji Materials Sciences and Engineering Lithium-(de)intercalation-induced metal-insulator transitions for brain-inspired computing 2022
Jan Kubanek Biomedical Engineering Diadem: Device for personalized treatments of mental disorders 2022
Swomitra Mohanty Chemical Engineering Modular microreactor for rapid studies in direct sub/ supercritical water liquefaction of municipal sludge 2022
Genevieve Albouy Health and Kinesiology Exercise and inhibition in deep brain regions 2022
Jesse Christensen Physical Therapy and Athletic Training Targeted Strength Training to Improve Physical Inactivity in Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis: Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial 2022
William Holland Nutrition and Integrative Physiology ACSM5 is a Novel Driver of Ceramide-Mediated Metabolic Disease 2022
Matthew Haber Philosophy Biology’s Einstein Moment 2022
Sara Yeo Communication Humor as a Gateway to Attitude-Inconsistent Science Information 2022
Amos Guiora Law Creating Legal Mechanisms to Criminalize Enablers of Pedophilia 2022
Allison Carey Pathology Non-canonical mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in Mycobacterium abscessus 2022
Timothy Hanley Pathology Role of Virus-Induced Inflammation in the Establishment of HIV-1 Latency in Macrophages 2022
Jarrod Johnson Pathology Host Regulation of Immune Cell Maturation during Virus Infection 2022
Jennifer Kaiser OBGYN Improving OBGYN surgical teaching with an Education-Time Out: a pilot study of surgical educators 2022
Michael Kay Biochemistry BOSS - Biotin Orthogonal Streptavidin System 2022
Guillaume Lamotte Neurology Effect of levodopa on cardiovascular autonomic function in patients with Parkinson disease with and without orthostatic hypotension 2022
Amy Lenz Orthopaedics Evaluation of 3D Morphology in Patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth For Improved Surgical Planning 2022
Binxing Li Ophthalmology Hepatic Lipase (LIPC) Knockdown to Prevent AMD 2022
Wan-Lin Lo Pathology Regulation of the follicular T cell response to viral infection 2022
Mark Mahan Neurosurgery Impact of NETosis on Pathophysiologic Nerve Regeneration 2022
John Pearson Anesthesiology Geospatial Analysis of National Health Registries to Improve Perioperative Equity 2022
Candace Reno Internal Medicine Hypoglycemia and Major Cardiac Events in Diabetes 2022
Valerie Vaughn Internal Medicine A behavioral approach to optimizing antibiotic prescribing for older adults 2022
Lisa Taylor-Swanson Nursing American Indian and Alaskan Native Midlife Women's Symptom Experience and Access to Medical and Integrative Health Care: Developing a Culturally-Informed Integrative Group Medical Visit 2022
Holly Freedman Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry Application of Computational FTIR Spectroscopy to Elucidate Conformational Ensembles of Non-Canonical RNA Structure and RNA-Ligand Interactions 2022
Makoto Kondo Medicinal Chemistry Dissection of early-stage regenerative transition of juvenile chondrocyte sheets implanted into articular osteochondral defects 2022
Philip Moos Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry CRISPR dropout screen in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer PDO model 2022
John Conboy Chemistry Improving Photovoltaic Solar Cell Efficiency by Semiconductor Overlayers 2022
Ryan Looper Chemistry Understanding Boron Ionophore Potential for Antimicrobial Therapy 2022
John Matthews Physics & Astronomy Prototyping Cosmic Ray Detectors to Add to the IceCube Neutrino Observatory 2022
Braxton Osting Mathematics Estimating Blood Pressure Using Biophysical-Informed Machine Learning Models 2022
Leif Anderson Geology & Geophysics Establishing a 3He surface exposure dating program at the University of Utah 2022
Prashant Sarswat Materials Sciences and Engineering Microbial and Enzymatic Assisted Recycling of E-waste Plastic Components 2022
Tonie Van Dam Geology & Geophysics Analysis of rates of uplift and gravity changes to constrain Earth rheology in the vicinity of Lake Bonneville 2022
David Carter Political Science State Policy Scorecard Pilot Project: Deciphering Who Gets What, When, and How from State Legislation 2022
Claudia Geist Sociology Steps towards ending gender marginalization in health care: Attitudes and behaviors regarding sex, gender, and sexuality in health care providers 2022
Josh McCrain Political Science Policing Policy, Reforms, and Human Capital 2022
Guangzhen Wu Sociology Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization on Drug-Related Offenses and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Incarceration: A Multi-State Study 2022
Christopher Cambron Social Work - Translational Research School-based mindfulness training to improve psychological well-being and prevent substance use among adolescents 2022
Eric Garland Social Work Just One MORE: Pilot study of a single-session, 2-hour version of Mindfulness Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE) for chronic pain patients 2022
Elizabeth Siantz Social Work - Translational Research Culturally responsive peer support in the intermountain west: A case study and multiple stakeholder analysis of one mode 2022
Lourdes Alberto Ethnic Studies Indigenous Latinx Archives: Be’ne urash in California 2022
Ana Antunes Gender Studies Utah Reading Census 2022
Jeremiah Alt Surgery Targeted Delivery of Anti-inflammatory Agents for Treatment of Chronic Rhinosinusitis 2021
Ryan Bailey Occupational and Recreational Therapy Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program to Accommodate Stroke-Related Disability 2021
Matthew Basso Gender Studies A Diverse History of the World War II Home Front 2021
Katherine Baucom Psychology Implementation of the CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program Delivered to Hispanic Americans 2021
Shima Baughman Law Access to Justice Reform in Arizona: Advancing a New Model for Representation in the Criminal Bail Hearing 2021
Sihem Boudina Nutrition and Integrative Psychology Characterization and validation of a novel marker of adipogenic progenitors in humans and mice. 2021
Brenda Bowen Geology & Geophysics The Salt is Breathing: Biotic or abiotic CO2 flux on the Bonneville Salt Flats? 2021
Simon Brewer Geography Streamflow simulations to couple past climate change with prehistoric agricultural output 2021
Jonathan Brogaard Finance Security Design in Modern Markets 2021
Samuel Cheshier Neurosurgery Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Single Neural Rosette and Glioblastoma Chimeric Organoids: A Platform to Simultaneously Assess Tumor cells and Normal Brain Cells at the Single Cell Level 2021
Leslie Culver Law A Dialogue on Cultural Awareness and Identity Performance: Analysis of Raw Textual Data from Qualitative Research 2021
Aniello De Santo Linguistics Testing Subregular Constraints on the Learnability of Morphotactic 2021
Denise Dearing Biological Sciences Determining the extent of the SARS-CoV-2 transmission from mink farms to wildlife 2021
Michelle Debbink Obstetrics and Gynecology Assessing community resilience and risk in Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander's experiences with maternal and infrant morbidity and mortality 2021
Chris Depner Health and Kinesiology Role of Circadian Disruption in Metabolic and Cognitive Impairments during Insufficient Sleep 2021
Lisa Diamond Gender Studies Immune System Functioning as a Pathway from Transgender Stigma to Heightened Transgender Health Disparities 2021
Katharine Diehl Medicinal Chemistry Development of chemical tools to accelerate discovery of DNA repair-targeting therapies 2021
Ramesh Goel Civil and Environmental Engineering Biodegradation of plastic PET using an enzymatic cocktail derived from co-cultivating Fungi and Bacteria 2021
Valerie Greer Architecture From Sheltered in Place to Thriving in Place: Dimensions of Aging in the “Right” Place during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021
David Grunwald Human Genetics Application of a new technology to identify RNA Polymerase occupancy and activity in cell subpopulations of the zebrafish embryo. 2021
Elizabeth Hendrix Social Work Vicarious Trauma and Turnover Intent in Trafficking Services 2021
Eric Herschthal History Carbon Conscripts: Slavery and the Origins of Climate Change 2021
Mei Koh Pharmacology and Toxicology Investigating the Role of Complement in Kidney Cancer 2021
Evan Lafalce Physics Improving Photovoltaic Solar Cell Efficiency by Semiconductor Overlayers 2021
Kent Lai Pediatrics Unravelling the Pathophysiology of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Phosphoglucomutase 1 (PGM1) Deficiency 2021
Natalie Lecy Social Work Exploring the Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences on College Graduation Among First-Generation Students 2021
Andrew Linke Geography A Geography of Land Use Conflicts in the Western U.S. 2021
Ben Lyons Communication How Voters React to Implicit and Explicit Political Conspiracy Cues 2021
Aparatim Majumder Electrical and Computer Engineering Ultra-flat and light-weight tunable focus lenses for consumer eyewear applications 2021
Nikola Markovic Civil and Environmental Engineering An Automated Video Based Aircraft Tail Number Recognition System for Utah Airport 2021
John McLennan Chemical Engineering Prediction of Algal Blooms in Utah Lake Using Remote Sensing Data and Machine Learning 2021
Himanshu Mishra Marketing Deploying Fair Algorithms in Organizations 2021
David Okano Dentistry COVID-19 Related Effects Upon the Dentition-Do They Occur? 2021
Afaf Osman Hematology The Role of Microbiome Derived Inflammation in Leukemogenesis 2021
Shawn Owen Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Antibody-drug Conjugates of γ-Secretase Inhibitors to Prevent Graft-Vs-Host Disease in Allogenic Transplantation 2021
Elena Patel Finance Implications of Gender Composition of Corporate Boards 2021
Allison Payne Radiology Focused-ultrasound mediated enhancement of checkpoint blockade immunotherapy in breast cancer 2021
Miriam Peckham Radiology Access to image-guided injections for low back pain in people of color. A study from the Utah Population Database (UPDB). 2021
Codrina Rada Economics The US labor share in the age of structural change: a spatial analysis of sectoral contributions 2021
Lorie Richards Occupational and Recreational Therapy Development of a neuroimaging biomarker to identify optimal candidates for prism adaptation treatment 2021
John Rolston Neurosurgery Noninvasive Fornix Ablation to Treat Epilepsy 2021
Paul Rubin Educational Leadership and Policy Exploring Underlying State Values Influencing Policy Making 2021
Crystal Rudds English Invisibility Blues: Space, Housing, and Being in African American Literature and Culture 2021
Caroline Saouma Chemistry Aminophenol ligands for CO2 reduction 2021
Jincheng Shen Population Health Sciences Using Covariance Information to Improve Patient Level Causal Treatment Effect Estimation in Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) Study 2021
York Smith Metallurgical Engineering A Green Process for Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries 2021
Djin Tay Nursing Examining the Palliative, End-of-Life, and Spousal Spillover Effects for Immunotherapy in Advanced Cancer 2021
Misty Smith Dentistry Gnawing time: A novel behavioral test to assess orofacial pain in rats 2021
Bao Wang Mathematics Integrating Physics into Recurrent Neural Networks: Algorithm, Theory, and Scientific Applications 2021
Wesley Wilson Special Education Project Physical Education and Least Restrictive Environment 2021
Jaclyn Winter Medicinal Chemistry Genomics-Assisted Antibiotic Discovery from Unprecedented Microbes of the Great Salt Lake 2021
Ayako Yamaguchi Biological Sciences Investigating opioid insensitivity in the amphibian respiratory system 2021
Jaehee Yi Social Work Image Narrative Intervention with College Students 2021
Josh Feng Entrepreneurship and Strategy Innovating for People Like Me 2020
Paul Hu Information Systems Gamification-Empowered Learning: Effects of Design Features and Learner Characteristics on Learning Outcome, Satisfaction, and Experience 2020
Matthew Higgins Entrepreneurship and Strategy The Impact of Regulation on the Nature of Pharmaceutical Innovation 2020
Allison Stashko Finance Polling Place Locations and the Cost of Voting 2020
Ravideep Sethi Finance The Value of Agenda Setting Power in Legislative Bargaining: An Experiment 2020
Tracy Dobie Educational Psychology Developing and Enacting Case-Based Teaching Scenarios in Elementary STEM Edcuation to Bridge the In-Service and Pre-Service Teacher Divide 2020
Robert O'Neill Special Education Initial Evaluation of the Use of the Prevent-Teach Reinforce (PTR) Model with Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities Exhibiting Challenging Behaviors 2020
Jose Gutierrez Education, Culture & Society Mathematical Reservation: The Colonial Psychology of Math Education and its Role in Federal Assimilation Policies 2020
Yongmei Ni Educational Leadership & Policy Examining Leadership Preparation Programs 2020
Ravi Chandran Metallurgical Engineering New Alloys by Design: Exploration of phase fields, synthesis and experimentation in Ni-Cr-Al alloy systems for durability in extreme environments 2020
Ashutosh Tiwari Material Sciences & Engineering Ultrathin Field Effect Transistors for post-Moore's era Vander Waals Electronics 2020
Yong Lin Kong Mechanical Engineering 3D Printed Electronic Bone Graft 2020
Hamidreza Ghadnehari Bioengineering Bio-inks for Vascular Engineering 2020
Yang Bai Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation Technology-enhanced Eating and Activity Study for Children's Health (TEACH): A Pilot Study 2020
Mary Playdon Nutrition & Integrative Physiology Exploring the Etiology of Diabetes after Enometrial Cancer Diagnosis Using 'Omics Technology' 2020
Rajeshwary Ghosh Nutrition & Integrative Physiology Generation of a Novel Bioluminescent Reporter Mouse System for Assessing Chaperone Mediated Autophagy Pathway in Vivo 2020
Maryann Christison Linguistics Researching Early Childhood Immersion Education and Instructional Practices 2020
Danielle Endres Communication Emergent Engagements with Energy Democracy in Puerto Rico 2020
Yunwen Su World Languages & Cultures Development and Validation of Rating Scales for Pragmatic Performance in Roleplays 2020
Anna Carpenter Law Legal Profession and legal services reform in Utah: A multi-year mixed-method investigation of state access to justice innovations 2020
Clifford Rosky Law Mindful Lawyering: Exploring the Effects of Mindfulness Training on Law Students 2020
Shami Kanekar Psychiatry Sex-based study of cyclocreatine as a potential therapeutic for altitude-related depression and anxiety 2020
Adam de Havenon Neurology Comprehensive Evaluation of Stroke in the Young with MR Imaging (CESYMI) 2020
Adhish Agarwal Nephrology Evaluation of Renal Sodium Excretion After Salt Loading in Heart 2020
Torri Metz OBGYN Impact of Prophylactic low-molecular weight herapin dosing on clotting parameters following cesarean delivery 2020
Srividya Bhaskara Radiation Oncology Epigenetic regulators and cardiac functions 2020
Nicola Camp Hematology Towards Precision Prevention: Transcriptome Dimensions and Mammographic Breast Density 2020
Henrik Odeen Radiology Microbubble-aided focused ultrasound non-thermal ablation in a tumor model 2020
Randa Tao Radiation Oncology Multiparametic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) as a Biomarker of Response to Chemoradiation Therapy in Esophageal Cancer 2020
Caroline Stephens Nursing Rural ImPacTT: Assessing the Feasibility and Acceptability of the Improving Palliative Care Access Through Technology (ImPAcTT) 2020
Louis Barrows Pharmacology & Toxicology Understanding HIV persistence one cell at a time 2020
Darrell Davis Medicinal Chemistry Translational Control by Anticancer and Antiviral Therapeutic Leads 2020
Jeffrey Moore Geology & Geophysics Resonance Monitoring of Rock Slope Progressive Failure, Part 1: Theory and Numerical Modeling 2020
Ayako Yamaguchi Biological Sciences Investigating opioid insensitiveity in the amphibian respiratory system 2020
Jennifer Shumaker-Parry Chemistry In-situ Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis of Robust Nanodiamond Supports for Nanoparticle Catalysts 2020
Shanti Deemyad Physics & Astronomy Exploring rapid high pressure cycles as a way to pause and play life and a window to habitable worlds 2020
Jordan Gerton Physics & Astronomy How does grading student work impact the ability of Las to facilitate productive learning? 2020
David Blair Biological Sciences Carco Recognition in Type-III Protein Secretion 2020
Daniel Wik Physics & Astronomy Finding chock waves in the largest objects in the universe 2020
Gerald Mace Atmospheric Sciences The influence of SST Thermal Contrast in the Production of Ice in Supercooled Cumulus over the Southern Ocean: The Winter Cloud Ice Processes Project 2020
Richard Medina Geography Social Media Mining Capability in CSBS and Studies of Conspiracy Theories 2020
Sharon Mastracci Political Science Escalation to Conflict: Workplace Impacts and Effects on Workers and Examining Agents of State Control as Human Analogs of Nation States 2020
Karen Kramer Anthropology Shifting Maya Social Landscapes: Modernizing Influences and Social Network Effects on Health Outcomes 2020
Monisha Pasupathi Psychology Does Integrated Delivery of General Education Promote Student's Abilities, Motivations, and Outcomes? 2020
Eric Garland Social Work Heart Rate Variability-Informed Mobile Health (mHealth) Research to Promote Mindfulness Skills 2020
Kortnee Prince Social Work Desistance 2020
Alysse Loomis Social Work Pathways Between Trauma-Informed Teacher Training and Indicators of Child and Teacher Well-Being in Utah and National Sample 2020
Hokulani Aikau Gender Studies The cultural and climatic impact of taro farming in Belau 2020
Rima Ajlouni Architecture Qualities of Quasi-periodic Geometry for Architectural Acoustics (partially funded) 2019
Shundan Yusaf Architecture Research Center for Global Citizenship in Architecture & Planning 2019
Arul Mishra Marketing Artificial Intelligence and the Opioid Crisis 2019
Elena Asparouhova Finance Security Design in Markets with Risk: Price and Allocation Efficiencies 2019
Mark Durham Dentistry Validating Digitally-Augmented Training 2019
Melodie Weller Dentistry Mechanisms of Salivary Gland Dysfunction in Systemic Sclerosis Patient Population 2019
R. James Keddington Dentistry Directional Light Curing Effect on Composite Contraction and Marginal Integrity 2019
Shihai Jia Dentistry Cure Craniofacial Clefts by Pharmaceutical Treatment Targeting Pax9-Eda/Edar Signaling 2019
Jennifer Taylor Educational Psychology Exploring the Impact of Sleep Deprivation, Stress, and Burnout on Physicians Competence and Medical Errors 2019
Kirsten Butcher Educational Psychology Theoretical directions in adversarial machine learning 2019
Monika Lohani Educational Psychology Psychological flexibility in real-world: Toward an innovative psychophysiological approach 2019
Aditya Bhaskara Computing Theoretical directions in adversarial machine learning 2019
Claire Acevedo Mechanical Engineering Four-dimensional synchrotron micro-tomography to investigate fracture mechanisms in biomaterials 2019
Michael Scarpulla Electrical and Computer Engineering Epitaxial Growth of High Quality Cd3As2 2019
Tony Saad Chemical Engineering The Effectiveness of Drones in Measuring Particulate Matter 2019
Cari Johnson Geology & Geophysics Sediment flux records in Lake Powell deltas: Broader earth systems perspectives for watershed science 2019
Peter Fino Health, Kinesiology and Recreation Neural activity of balance recovery following concussion 2019
Ryan Burns Health, Kinesiology and Recreation Developing an after-school parent-child physical activity and mindfulness and training intervention 2019
Sihem Boudina Nutrition and Integrative Physiology Reporter cell lines and a mouse model for the assessment of mitophagy in vitro and in vivo 2019
Benjamin Slade Linguistics Auto-Annotation of Focus 2019
Kent Ono Communciation The Rhetoric of Sanctuary Citizenship 2019
Rory Becker History Virtual Heritage Project: Molander Indian Village State Historic Site 2019
Tae Kyoung Lee Communication Dvelopment and Evaluation of Visual Messages Aimed at Increasing HPV Vaccine Coverage Among the Refugee Population in Utah 2019
Amos Guiora Law Bystander legislation research 2019
Paul Cassell Law The content of victim impact statements: The Larry Nassar victims 2019
Claudio Villanueva Biochemistry Transcriptional control of adipocyte subtypes and the impact on energy metabolism 2019
Dipayan Chaudhuri Internal Medicine Screening for modulators of mitochondrial anion transport 2019
Matthew Alexander Radiology Multimodal Evaluation and Optimization of a Rabbit Model of Intracranial Atherosclerotic Disease 2019
Megan Williams Neurobiology & Anatomy A new class of GABA neurons in memory precision 2019
Nathan Blue OBGYN Exploring genetic underpinning of placental insufficiency, fetal growth restriction and stillbirth 2019
Susanna Cohen Nursing Interprofessional Simulation Training to Improve Out-of-Hospital Birth Transfers: A Pilot Study 2019
Mingnan Chen Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Development of anti-PD-1 antibody-epirubicin conjugates (aPD-1-EPI ADC) to suppress autoimmunity 2019
Peter West Pharmacology and Toxicology Development of a novel mouse model of hypothalamic harmatoma (HH) 2019
Bryn Dentinger Biological Sciences The Fungus-Farming Ant Symbiome 2019
Krista Carlson Metallurgical Engineering Refractory Metallic Glasses of Binary Alloys 2019
Markus Babst Biological Sciences The 4200 Genomes Project 2019
Sarah Lambart Geology & Geophysics Development of an experimental technique to study magma migration 2019
Stephan LeBohec Physics & Astronomy Launching the University of Utah Gravitational Radiation Research Group with a LIGO Optical Coating Research group 2019
Yue Zhao Physics & Astronomy Using Gravitational Wave Detector to Look for Dark Photon Dark Matter 2019
John Broughton Anthropology Behavior at the Margins of Social Boundaries: A Novel Approach for Evaluating Prehistoric Inter-Tribal Buffer Zone Formation 2019
Lisbeth Louderback Anthropology Plant Resources that Ended the Long Pause: Patterns of Dispersal From West to East Polynesia 2019
Pavitra Govindan Economics Can gender norms explain gender differences in preference for competition? 2019
Shane Macfarlan Anthropology Healing the Warrior’s Soul: Post-Combat Purification Rituals and Cultural Rewards in a Cross-Cultural Perspective 2019
Subhashish Dugar Economics Gender Composition and Prosociality of Teams 2019
Adam Hanley Social Work Optimizing psychosocial pain management: Examining treatment moderators, intervention utilization, and postoperative outcomes 2019
Charles Hoy-Ellis Social Work Social Neuroscience of Depression: Developmental Stage & Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Identities 2019
Kwynn Gonzalez-Pons /
Eric Garland
Social Work Promoting a Resilient U: A Randomized Control Trial (RCT) to Address Intimate Partner Violence on Campus 2019