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Research Incentive Seed Grant Awards

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Program Information

FY21 Awards

Name Department Project Title
Jeremiah Alt Surgery Targeted Delivery of Anti-inflammatory Agents for Treatment of Chronic Rhinosinusitis
Ryan Bailey Occupational and Recreational Therapy Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program to Accommodate Stroke-Related Disability
Matthew Basso Gender Studies A Diverse History of the World War II Home Front
Katherine Baucom Psychology Implementation of the CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program Delivered to Hispanic Americans
Shima Baughman Law Access to Justice Reform in Arizona: Advancing a New Model for Representation in the Criminal Bail Hearing
Sihem Boudina Nutrition and Integrative Psychology Characterization and validation of a novel marker of adipogenic progenitors in humans and mice.
Brenda Bowen Geology & Geophysics The Salt is Breathing: Biotic or abiotic CO2 flux on the Bonneville Salt Flats?
Simon Brewer Geography Streamflow simulations to couple past climate change with prehistoric agricultural output
Jonathan Brogaard Finance Security Design in Modern Markets
Samuel Cheshier Neurosurgery Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Single Neural Rosette and Glioblastoma Chimeric Organoids: A Platform to Simultaneously Assess Tumor cells and Normal Brain Cells at the Single Cell Level
Leslie Culver Law A Dialogue on Cultural Awareness and Identity Performance: Analysis of Raw Textual Data from Qualitative Research
Aniello De Santo Linguistics Testing Subregular Constraints on the Learnability of Morphotactic
Denise Dearing Biological Sciences Determining the extent of the SARS-CoV-2 transmission from mink farms to wildlife
Michelle Debbink Obstetrics and Gynecology Assessing community resilience and risk in Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander's experiences with maternal and infrant morbidity and mortality
Chris Depner Health and Kinesiology Role of Circadian Disruption in Metabolic and Cognitive Impairments during Insufficient Sleep
Lisa Diamond Gender Studies Immune System Functioning as a Pathway from Transgender Stigma to Heightened Transgender Health Disparities
Katharine Diehl Medicinal Chemistry Development of chemical tools to accelerate discovery of DNA repair-targeting therapies
Ramesh Goel Civil and Environmental Engineering Biodegradation of plastic PET using an enzymatic cocktail derived from co-cultivating Fungi and Bacteria
Valerie Greer Architecture From Sheltered in Place to Thriving in Place: Dimensions of Aging in the “Right” Place during the COVID-19 Pandemic
David Grunwald Human Genetics Application of a new technology to identify RNA Polymerase occupancy and activity in cell subpopulations of the zebrafish embryo.
Elizabeth Hendrix Social Work Vicarious Trauma and Turnover Intent in Trafficking Services
Eric Herschthal History Carbon Conscripts: Slavery and the Origins of Climate Change
Mei Koh Pharmacology and Toxicology Investigating the Role of Complement in Kidney Cancer
Evan Lafalce Physics Improving Photovoltaic Solar Cell Efficiency by Semiconductor Overlayers
Kent Lai Pediatrics Unravelling the Pathophysiology of Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Phosphoglucomutase 1 (PGM1) Deficiency
Natalie Lecy Social Work Exploring the Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences on College Graduation Among First-Generation Students
Andrew Linke Geography A Geography of Land Use Conflicts in the Western U.S.
Ben Lyons Communication How Voters React to Implicit and Explicit Political Conspiracy Cues
Aparatim Majumder Electrical and Computer Engineering Ultra-flat and light-weight tunable focus lenses for consumer eyewear applications
Nikola Markovic Civil and Environmental Engineering An Automated Video Based Aircraft Tail Number Recognition System for Utah Airport
John McLennan Chemical Engineering Prediction of Algal Blooms in Utah Lake Using Remote Sensing Data and Machine Learning
Himanshu Mishra Marketing Deploying Fair Algorithms in Organizations
David Okano Dentistry COVID-19 Related Effects Upon the Dentition-Do They Occur?
Afaf Osman Hematology The Role of Microbiome Derived Inflammation in Leukemogenesis
Shawn Owen Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Antibody-drug Conjugates of γ-Secretase Inhibitors to Prevent Graft-Vs-Host Disease in Allogenic Transplantation
Elena Patel Finance Implications of Gender Composition of Corporate Boards
Allison Payne Radiology Focused-ultrasound mediated enhancement of checkpoint blockade immunotherapy in breast cancer
Miriam Peckham Radiology Access to image-guided injections for low back pain in people of color. A study from the Utah Population Database (UPDB).
Codrina Rada Economics The US labor share in the age of structural change: a spatial analysis of sectoral contributions
Lorie Richards Occupational and Recreational Therapy Development of a neuroimaging biomarker to identify optimal candidates for prism adaptation treatment
John Rolston Neurosurgery Noninvasive Fornix Ablation to Treat Epilepsy
Paul Rubin Educational Leadership and Policy Exploring Underlying State Values Influencing Policy Making
Crystal Rudds English Invisibility Blues: Space, Housing, and Being in African American Literature and Culture
Caroline Saouma Chemistry Aminophenol ligands for CO2 reduction
Jincheng Shen Population Health Sciences Using Covariance Information to Improve Patient Level Causal Treatment Effect Estimation in Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT) Study
York Smith Metallurgical Engineering A Green Process for Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries
Djin Tay Nursing Examining the Palliative, End-of-Life, and Spousal Spillover Effects for Immunotherapy in Advanced Cancer
Misty Smith Dentistry Gnawing time: A novel behavioral test to assess orofacial pain in rats
Bao Wang Mathematics Integrating Physics into Recurrent Neural Networks: Algorithm, Theory, and Scientific Applications
Wesley Wilson Special Education Project Physical Education and Least Restrictive Environment
Jaclyn Winter Medicinal Chemistry Genomics-Assisted Antibiotic Discovery from Unprecedented Microbes of the Great Salt Lake
Ayako Yamaguchi Biological Sciences Investigating opioid insensitivity in the amphibian respiratory system
Jaehee Yi Social Work Image Narrative Intervention with College Students

FY21 Awards Summary

Proposals funded 53
Total Awards: $1,327,784.45