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Faculty Small Grant Program (FSGP)

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Program Information

Name Department Project Title Cycle
Paul Cassell Law Crime Victims’ Rights Treatise Research Fall 2024
Jaclyn Wright Art & Art History High Visibility (Blaze Orange) Fall 2024
Lindsay Gezinski Social Work A National Exploratory Study on Housing Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking Fall 2024
Eric Handman Dance Dancing in the Air: Drones as Lighting for Live Performance Fall 2024
Aaron Fischer Educational Psychology Using Virtual Reality to train educators in equitable and inclusive school climate practices Fall 2024
Michael Dichio Political Science The U.S. Court of Claims Database Fall 2024
Elisabeth Gonzalez Music Resonance Unbound: Elisabet Curbelo’s Music Journeys Fall 2024
Kera Lovell History The People’s Park: Work, the Body, and the Built Environment in Radical Postwar Placemaking Fall 2024
Roseanne Warren Mechanical Engineering Collaborative Investigation of Ascorbic Acid Interaction with Silver Halides Enabling New Capabilities in Art and Engineering FY23
Emelie Mahdavian Film and Media Arts Untitled Thwaites Film FY23
Beth Krensky Art & Art History Yale University Between Spirit and Matter Solo Exhibition FY23
Luc Vanier Dance Animation, Translation and Travel support for book project The Dance of Everyday Movement: A Framework for Integration FY23
Jessica Rudman Music Iseult Speaks and Twisted Blue Recording Project FY23
Jennifer Andrus Writing and Rhetoric Staying or Leaving: A Discourse Analysis of Narratives told by Victim/Survivors of Domestic Violence FY23
Maria Teresa Martinez Garcia World Languages & Cultures The Influence of Stress 'Deafness' on World Recognition in a Foreign Language FY23
Nadja Durbach History Registration Nation: Identity, Privacy, and the Recording of Persons in Modern Britain FY23
Panagiotis Kassavetis Neurology Deep phenotyping of essential tremor FY23
Connor Bischak Chemistry Molecular Tuning of Emerging Semiconductors: Alloying Cations in Perovskite Quantum Wells FY23
Tabitha Benney Political Science The Utah Radon Project: Understanding Radon Impacts in Utah Public Schools FY23
Sarah Canham Social Work Understanding Discrimination Towards People Experiencing Homelessness FY23
Andrea Baldwin Ethnic Studies Beauty, Health, Moralism, and the Other: The Posture Portraits in American Higher Education FY23
Elena Shtromberg Art + Art History Political Affinities: Artistic Circuits between the GDR and Latin America FY22
Donn Schafer Music Commission of Electroacoustic Music for Bass
Simon McEnteggart Film & Media Arts Feature Documentary - The Great Director: The Park Nam-ok Story FY22
Beth Krensky Art & Art History Arte Laguna Prize Performance and Exhibition FY22
Jacqueline Sheean World Languages & Cultures Capital Cinema: Visualizing Madrid from Dictatorship to Democracy FY22
Danielle Endres Communication Concentrationary City: Historical Violence and Theories of Space in Postwar France FY22
Vanessa Brutsche World Languages & Cultures Indigenous Peoples' Temporal, Place-Based, and Affective Climate Change Rhetoric FY22
RonNell Anderson Jones Law An Empirical Study of United States Supreme Court and Public Perceptions of Press Trustworthiness FY22
Randall Silverman Libraries - Preservation Chemical Mapping the Earliest Books Printed from Cast Metal Type FY22
Emily Tipps Libraries -
Book Arts
"Bookland" solo exhibition FY22
Amy Thompson Libraries -
Book Arts
cartographie FY22
Matthew Griffee Anesthesiology COVID-19 and Coagulopathy FY22
Seniha Ozudogru Neurology Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block for the Treatment
of Post-Stroke Headache: A Pilot Study
Michael Karsy Neurosurgery Analyzing Molecular Drivers and Targetable
Sites for Esthesioneuroblastoma/Olfactory Neuroblastoma
Josh McCrain Political Science Support for Police Reforms FY22
James Curry Political Science Cataloguing State Legislation FY22
Elisabeth Conradt Psychology A longitudinal study of maternal self-injurious
thoughts and behaviors at the perinatal transition
Andrea Brunelle Geography Re-examining Pollen Aggregates as Cultural
Zhou Yu Family and Consumer Studies Aging and Consumer Financial Fraud in China FY21
Lisa Diamond Psychology Fostering Well-Being in LDS Families with Transgender/Non-Binary Children FY21
Shane Macfarlan Anthropology The Effect of Reproductive Timing and Pace on Sex Based Mortality Risks FY21
Emelie Mahdavian Film & Media Arts "Lines" FY21
Jacqueline Osherow English "Giotto and I: Forty Years On" FY21
Brent Kious Psychiatry Assessing mental health consumers' attitudes toward medical aid-in-dying FY21
Pamela Jones Music Pietro Castrucci: World Premier Recording + Scholarly Video & Edition Project FY21
Brian Patrick Film & Media Arts Descendants of the Massacre: Finishing Funds  FY21
Brenda Bowen Geology & Geophysics Imagining the Future of the Bonneville Salt Flats FY21
Tracy Dobie Educational Psychology “This is useless!”: Taking a Sociocultural Approach to Investigate Students’ Judgments of the Usefulness of School Mathematics FY21
Christy Austin Educational Psychology The Effects of Orton-Gillingham Intervention on Oral Reading Fluency and Comprehension  FY21
Viktor Valkov Music Recording project: Piano Music of Luke Dahn  FY21
Tabitha Benney Political Science Intra-city variability of fine particulate matter following COVID-19: A case study of Park City, Utah  FY21
Therese De Raedt World Languages & Cultures Taking the Beach FY20
Christine Jones World Languages & Cultures Longfellow, Evangeline, and Sidonie de la Houssaye FY20
Maureen O'Hara Ure Art & Art History Spain: Travel Sketchbooks, An Artist's Book, and A Series of Paintings FY20
Sarah Sinwell Film & Media Arts Indie Cinema Online FY20
Richard Preiss English Ben Jonson's Bartholomew Fair: in the Flesh FY20
Yunwen Su World Languages & Cultures Perceptions of Refusals in Second Language Chinese FY20
Clifford Rosky Law Mindful Lawyering: Exploring the effects of mindfulness training on law students FY20
Robin Craig Law Marine Aquaculture and Marine Conservation: A Legal Assessment FY20
Eric Handman Dance Dancing Drones:Robot Fleets in Performance and Entertainment FY20
Karin Baumgartner World Languages & Cultures How Tourists Invented the German Nation 1750-1850 FY20
Tasha Keyes Social Work Examining Culturally Relevant Restorative Practices for Improving School-based Relationships FY20
Joanna Drinane Educational Psychology Navigating diverse identities: Modeling the association between culturally focused responding, emotion regulation, and encoded arousal FY20
Beth Krensky Art & Art History Open Your Eyes: Youth, Activist Art Digital Database FY20
Lisbeth Louderback Anthropology Identifying the Monte Verde Potato Fragments FY20
Emelie Mahdavian Film & Media Arts Bitterbrush FY20
Isabel Dulfano World Languages & Cultures Walking on (Y)our Sacred Path: Indigenous American Women Speak Out on Identity and Activism FY20
Kimberly Jew Ethnic Studies Frontiers, a Journal of Women Studies: 50 Years of Feminist Publication in the U.S. FY20
Jhenette Lauder OBGYN Antenatal Management of Diabetes with a Glucose Monitoring Mobile Application FY20
Isabel Moreira History Possessions and Salvation in Late Antiquity FY20
Brett Myers Communication Sciences & Disorders Developing the Utah Gender Presentation Scale (U-GPS) FY20
Paisley Rekdal English West: A Translation FY20
Barbara Wirostko Ophthalmology UPEXS: Associations between macular degeneration and exfoliation syndrome in our Utah patients FY20
Elena Shtromberg Art & Art History Fugitive Memories: Video Art in Latin America FY19
Katharine Coles English Look Both Ways: A Double Journey Along My Grandmother's Far-flung Path FY19
Markus Amann Anesthesiology Do group iii/iv muscle afferents limit exercise tolerance? FY19
Tim Slover Theater Research Toward an Annotated Edition of an Unpublished C.S. Lewis Manuscript FY19
Robin Jensen Communication Fertility Information in School-Based Sex Education FY19
Jennifer Andrus Writing & Rhetoric Policing Domestic Violence: A Study of the Interaction Between Police Officers and Domestic Violence FY19
Satu Hummasti Dance "Lost Love Socialite/Sweet Love Recluse": An Evening Length Dance Theater Work FY19
Akiko Kamimura Sociology Perceived and physiological stress and social support among uninsured free clinic patients FY19
Jacqueline Chen Psychology Understanding the Psychological Underpinnings of Multiracial Identity FY19
Lela Graybill Art & Art History Forensic Imagination: Art, Vision, and Modern Constructs of Truth FY19
David Carrier Biological Sciences Co-opting of the oxytocinergic-mechanism of social bonding for treatment of long-term post-traumatic stress disorder FY19