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Internal Submission Opportunities

1U4U Seed Grant Program- “The Future of Sustainability” 

FY2024 Deadline: 11:59pm (MST) on Wednesday, May 22, 2024 

Click here to apply! 

Award Amount: Up to $50,000 

The 1U4U Seed Grant Program is designed to spark innovation through the development and championing of cross-campus and cross-disciplinary research teams. 1U4U empowers collaborative teams to address the most complex and profound challenges of our communities, both near and far. By bridging the gaps between disciplines, departments, colleges, and other organizational divides, we unlock the potential for groundbreaking discoveries that will transcend traditional boundaries and shape a brighter future for all. 

For purposes of this RFP, sustainability is achieved whenever the needs of the present can be met without sacrificing the needs of future generations. Sustainability is a foundational goal that cuts across multiple intellectual topic areas (e.g., healthcare, water, energy, wildfire, critical minerals, education, food security) and can be interpreted widely. At the University of Utah, faculty have engaged sustainability across a wide range of domains, including but not limited to environmental, social, communal, health, economic, technical, and legal. All interpretations and definitions of “sustainability” can and will be considered under this funding mechanism.  

Application Components:  

  • Executive Abstract (500 words) 
  • Team Roster 
  • Research Proposal (2 pages) 
  • Bibliography (1 page)  
  • Budget Outline