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The Post Foundation Sponsored Limited Submission Opportunities

Foundation Sponsored Limited Submission Opportunities

Spring 2023 – Foundation Sponsored Limited Submission Opportunities

The University of Utah Foundation Relations team manages several limited submission opportunities sponsored by various Foundations each year. Foundations Limited Submissions are reviewed by a Foundations LSO Committee that selects applications most likely to:

  • Perpetuate success for the University;
  • Assist the selected faculty member in advancing their research; and
  • Meet the goals and expectations of the sponsor

Currently available Foundations Limited Submissions are listed below, with links to the InfoReady internal competition for each program. Interested faculty members must apply to the internal competition and be selected by the LSO Committee for each program.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or recommendations.

Thank you,

Lynn Wong, Senior Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
Sara Salmon, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations
Gwen Allen Allouch, Associate Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Fall 2023 Funding Opportunities 

Internal Deadline 

Program Description 


W.M. Keck Foundation


June 20, 2023

Click here to apply!


The Office of the Vice President for Research is seeking interdisciplinary and transformative project concepts for the W. M. Keck Foundation. Projects of particular appeal to the foundation involve basic science research (medical research or science and engineering) that demonstrate a high level of risk due to unconventional approaches, or by challenging the prevailing paradigm; have the potential for transformative impact, such as the founding of a new field of research, the enabling of observations not previously possible, or the altered perception of a previously intractable problem; do not focus on clinical or translational research, treatment trials or research for the sole purpose of drug development; and fall outside the mission of public funding agencies. Funding requests are generally $1,000,000-$1,400,000 in direct costs over three years.