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The Post “Why U Research”: U of U students, faculty and staff tell us what makes U research great

“Why U Research”: U of U students, faculty and staff tell us what makes U research great

We at the Office of the Vice President of Research know that our U of U research students, faculty and staff are passionate about their work, so a few weeks ago, we asked you to tell us “Why U Research.”

We received many responses, each one telling us why you are part of the University of Utah research community and what makes researching at the U great. We wanted to share some of the things you said, so below are a few of your replies

Danielle L., College of Social Work: I just started as a faculty member on July 1, and I have already been so amazed by the research supports here! Our college has incredible grant support which helped me submit my first grant as a PI. I am also wildly grateful to have the most beautiful view of the mountains from my office – I can’t stop sending pictures to people sharing what a beautiful setup I have to GET to do this work.

Adrian A., Learning and Cognition: The faculty at the U are very passionate about their work. I’ve learned so much from being involved in their projects and conducting my research. I’m not only one of the next generation of researchers, but I also get to be a part of training the next generation by mentoring undergraduates in science education research.

Andelin C., Pathology: I joined the U research community through the Access Scholars program, and I currently study the relationship between platelets and malaria pathogenesis. I have seen incredible support for researchers of all backgrounds and levels of experience, including support from my professors as I start my Ph.D. program this fall as a student parent. The U research community is collaborative, supportive, and making ground-breaking discoveries that can change the course of people ́s lives!

Angelina S., Biology:
I am part of the research community here at the U to share my ideas and learn from some of the most brilliant minds! The U has such a great community with many amazing opportunities!

Emily D., Chemistry: I am doing the summer program for undergraduate research (SPUR) this summer through the U and it has been a wonderful experience. I initially joined just hoping to get a little bit of an experience and preparation for grad school, but I have found that I really enjoy research and all the new methods I have learned during the process. My professor does a great job of supporting both the graduate and the undergraduate students in his lab, and I think that the U offers so many opportunities for all students to get involved in research.

Lisa B., Psychiatry:I have been a loyal researcher at the U of U for 34 years in the Department of Human Genetics, mapping human disease genes, and the Department of Psychiatry, studying the genetics of Suicide. I am grateful for all of the years that I have been involved in world class research at a great University! Go Science and Go Utes!

Laurel H., Human Genetics:
I’m an MD/PhD student researching regional mutational landscapes in healthy colon, which can hopefully improve colorectal disease detection and prevention. I think what is U-nique about the U is how U-nited we are: I’ve never worked in a more collaborative and supportive research environment.

Kevin H., Cardiovascular Disease: I perform research to predict and manage cardiovascular disease in the South Asian community. As a South Asian investigator who lost his father prematurely to cardiovascular disease, this cause and purpose resonates a great deal with my purpose and passion. Researching at the U is wonderful because it is a very collaborative environment in which teams and investigators work together to try and accomplish the research goals as well as serve the community.

Kobe C., Materials Science & Engineering: Here at Utah, professors & faculty encourage U to pursue your aspirations that are higher than the mountains surrounding our campus!

Lauren C., Department of Theatre, Theatre Teaching: The U of U research community has welcomed me with open arms, something I didn’t necessarily expect being a non-traditional research major. OUR supported me and encouraged me along the way.

Jim S., Atmospheric Sciences:
 If you are into mountain meteorology and want to unlock the secrets of winter storms to improve snowfall forecasts, there is no better place than the University of Utah and the Wasatch Range. Whether it be mountain weather and climate or deep-powder skiing, this is as good as it gets.

Noelle B., Computing: The U has incredible faculty that are supportive and motivating, so I am always supported while researching at the U! The stunning view of the mountains from my lab also helps:)

Hilary C., Psychiatry: I’m passionately dedicated to my work with a large collaborative group of researchers to discover risk factors leading to suicide death. The unique biosamples, comprehensive data, and, most of all, brilliant collegial experts here at the U give us an opportunity to make a real difference in our quest to prevent needless deaths.

Tonya E., Clinical Research Support Office: It is a true honor to be part of a research community that is making a difference in lives all over the world. Seeing the stories on the news about research that was conducted at the University of Utah makes me feel like I am part of something much bigger in the world.

We also want to take a moment to congratulate our contest winners:

  • Kylee F., Biology
  • Daniel K., Mathematics
  • Matt L., EHS


Thank you to all of those who took time to submit their thoughts. We greatly appreciate seeing our U research community expressing their passion for their work and love for the U!