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The Post University of Utah launches ‘Innovate U’ website to display the U’s cutting-edge research and discoveries

University of Utah launches ‘Innovate U’ website to display the U’s cutting-edge research and discoveries

By Xoel Cardenas, Sr. Communications Specialist, Office of the Vice President for Research

The University of Utah is a nationally recognized R1 research institution and the flagship university for the state of Utah. We’re proud of our historic research past, encouraged by the accomplishments being achieved today, and hopeful of the many innovations that our research will bring to society in the future.

With our growing research community continuously working on new discoveries and finding solutions to some of society’s greatest issues, staying up to date with what our researchers are working on can be a good challenge. Now there’s a streamlined website and an easy way to find out what innovations the University of Utah and its students, faculty, staff and community are working on.

Introducing Innovate U, our new website dedicated to showcasing the University of Utah’s cutting-edge research and discoveries that impact and represent the communities we serve!

The website focuses on research stories, news and highlights from the many fields of study at our university. Innovate U is easy to navigate and allows users to search for topics and keywords in a prompt manner — all in one central site.

“As the U’s research community continues to thrive, it’s our goal to amplify their stories of hard work, persistence, inspiration and hope,” said Dr. Erin Rothwell, vice president for research (VPR) at the University of Utah. “We want our community to be engaged and Innovate U allow everyone to see all the great innovations and discoveries made by our U colleges, departments, and its researchers.”

Over time, Innovate U will grow and become the destination for the latest news, highlights and feature stories on the breakthroughs and solutions the U helping bring for the betterment of today and tomorrow.

“The U has a wide range of exciting research stories across many disciplines,” said Sonita Claiborne, director of PR/Communications for the VPR Office. “Through Innovate U, our goal is to share those inspiring stories with the community and highlight our researchers’ extraordinary impact across the globe.”

Go to the Innovate U website and discover the latest news, highlights and stories from our research community!