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The Post VPR Office releases its 2022 Annual Report

VPR Office releases its 2022 Annual Report


The Office of the Vice President for Research is proud to release its 2022 Annual Report which highlights some of the best from the University of Utah’s researchers, funding growth, and more.

Featured in the report include a visual and numerical breakdown of the U’s research funding growth, which grew to $686 million in fiscal year 2022, as well as an interview with Interim VP Erin Rothwell on the impact, innovations and future of research.

Some of the items featured in the report include:

  • Detailed list of VPR accomplishments over the past year
  • A recap of some of the best research-related news stories covered by the U
  • Informative updates from both the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance and the Interim Associate Vice President for Research

Click here to read and/or download the VPR Office’s 2022 Annual Report.