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Office of Undergraduate Research announces Summer 2023 SPUR Scholars

Every summer, the Office of Undergraduate Research programs a nationally competitive opportunity that provides undergraduate students with an intensive 10-week summer research experience under the mentorship of a University of Utah faculty member: Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR). Students participating in SPUR gain research experience in a variety of disciplines; for 2023, 30 disciplines are represented. SPUR scholars from 22 different universities will be on campus May 24-August 3, 2023. Congratulations!


Callie Avondet, University of Utah (Mentor: Maile Arvin, History)

Laila Batar, University of Utah (Mentor: Amanda Bakian, Psychiatry)

Owen Benzley, Brigham Young University (Mentor: Genevieve Albouy, Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation)

Porter Bischoff, Utah Valley University (Mentor: George Vega Yon, Internal Medicine)

Mason Burden, University of Utah (Mentor: Shanti Deemyad, Physics & Astronomy)

Meghan Carter, University of Utah (Mentor: Amy Lenz, Orthopaedics)

Ariyanna Clark-Drew, North Carolina A&T State University (Mentor: April Mohanty, Internal Medicine)

Andrew Clothier, University of Utah (Mentor: Amanda Bakian, Psychiatry)

Ashley Cluff, Johns Hopkins University (Mentor: Dipayan Chaudhuri, Internal Medicine)

Emily Dalley, University of Utah (Mentor: Connor Bischak, Chemistry)

Christen Daniel, North Carolina A&T State University (Mentor: Crystal Lumpkins, Communication)

Ryan De Los Santos, North Carolina A&T State University (Mentor: Kelly Baron, Family & Preventive Medicine)

Siddharth Dhumal, University of Utah (Mentor: Sameer Patil, School of Computing)

Cindy Diaz Rey, University of Utah (Mentor: Tabitha Benney, Political Science)

Ryan Gardner, Weber State University (Mentor: Julio Facelli, Biomedical Informatics)

Alex Gilsoul, University of Utah (Mentor: Alex Novoselov, Mechanical Engineering)

Jordan Giron, University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) (Mentor: Lauren Barth-Cohen, Educational Psychology)

Jackie Gomez, University of Utah (Mentor: Sara Grineski, Sociology)

Mauro Gonzalez, University of Maryland, College Park (Mentor: David De Micheli, Political Science)

Tashianna Gray, North Carolina A&T State University (Mentor: Brock O’Neil, Surgery)

Fernanda Guzman, University of Utah (Mentor: Jeff Rose, Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation)

Eunseo Han, Connecticut College (Mentor: Brenna Payne, Psychology)

Charlie Hayward, Rochester Institute of Technology (Mentor: Xiaodong Ma, Radiology)

Aaliyah Henderson, University of Utah (Mentor: Andrea Baldwin, Gender Studies)

Hailey Hollins, University of Utah (Mentor: Jamie Gagnon, School of Biological Sciences)

Anna Hsu, Rice University (Mentor: Becky Utz, Sociology)

Taylor James, North Carolina A&T State University (Mentor: Raj Ghosh, Nutrition and Integrative Physiology)

Wyn Jarvinen, Skidmore College (Mentor: Divya Chandrasekhar, City & Metropolitan Planning)

Mike Komigi, University of Utah (Mentor: Tabitha Benney, Political Science)

Angela Lezaic, University of Utah (Mentor: Juliet Carlisle, Political Science)

Irene Liang, The University of Pennsylvania (Mentor: Djin Tay, Nursing)

Becca MacGillvray, Southern Utah University (Mentor: Gina Frey, Chemistry)

Lillian MacKinney, Wake Forest University (Mentor: Cory Inman, Psychology)

Abigail McWhirter, University of Edinburgh (Mentor: Lauren Barth-Cohen, Educational Psychology)

Aryana Merritt-Johnson, Western Washington University (Mentor: Zach Wilson, Biochemistry)

Breanka Moore, North Carolina A&T State University (Mentor: Mia Hashibe, Family & Preventive Medicine)

Manya Murali, University of California, Davis (Mentor: Jake George, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Maiko Okamura, Connecticut College (Mentor: Brennan Payne, Psychology)\

Zachary Olson, University of Utah (Mentor: Haohan Zhang, Mechanical Engineering)

Yulisa Padilla-Fragosso, University of Utah (Mentor: Jeff Rose, Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation)

Riley Page, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (Mentor: Rhonda Nelson, Occupational and Recreational Therapies)

Siena Popiel, University of Utah (Mentor: Phillip Singer, Political Science)

Oli Raines, University of Utah (Mentor: Megan Williams, Neurobiology & Anatomy)

Kevin Ramos, University of Utah (Mentor: Sara Grineski, Sociology)

Jonah Simmons, University of Utah (Mentor: Mandy Bunsawat, Internal Medicine)

Jane Staples, Vassar College (Mentor: Nitish Khurana, Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Abigail Stringfellow, University of Utah (Mentor: Roseanne Warren, Mechanical Engineering)

Marcus Tanner, University of Utah (Mentor: Leif Anderson, Geology and Geophysics)

Naomi Thombs, North Carolina A&T State University (Mentor: Kola Okuyemi, Family & Preventive Medicine)

Abril Vale-Luzardo, Southern Utah University (Mentor: Jenny Andrus, Writing & Rhetoric Studies)

Paulina Vargas, University of Texas El Paso (Mentor: Genevieve Albouy)

Megan Weaver, West Virginia University (Mentor: Kota Takahashi, Health & Kinesiology)


To learn more about each research project, visit the OUR website.