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University of Utah launches ‘Innovate U’ website to display the U’s cutting-edge research and discoveries

Innovate U allows users to search for research topics and keywords in a prompt manner — all in one central site.

University of Utah launches Peak Water Sustainability Engine

From mountain research stations to urban waterbodies, to the Great Salt Lake, Peak Water will drive interdisciplinary research with a ...

Translating Research into Innovative Real-World Solutions

Researchers at the U have a unique opportunity to impact society by commercializing their technologies, says AVPRIT Hotaling.

RSVP for the Reproductive Health Working Group – Strategy Retreat

The primary goal of this retreat is to identify funding opportunities and set strategic goals for the working group.

March 29 VPR Town Hall Recording

Find the recording to the recent VPR Town Hall here.

Internal Submission Opportunities

Applications are being accepted for the 1U4U Seed Grant and VP-NSF Cohort programs.

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