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Applications are being accepted for the Remote & Austere Conditions (RAC) Grand Challenge

This initiative seeks to fund innovative research projects that focus on developing novel techniques, technologies, and methods for remote and ...

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Spring 2024 Awardees

The 204 awardees will receive a stipend and educational programming.

2024 Center on Aging and Family Caregiving Research Collaborative Pilot Grant Announcements

The Center on Aging will devote up to $150K to funding its pilot grant program, and the. Family Caregiving Research ...

OUR announces second issue of RANGE: Undergraduate Research Journal (2023) is now available

“This issue reflects contributions of summer programs from 2023, where over 200 students from 79 different universities participated in research at the University ...

Foundation Sponsored Limited Submission Opportunities

Open foundation submissions for the David & Lucille Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering 2024.

Internal Submission Opportunities

Applications are being accepted for the Faculty Small Grant Program.

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