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Data Science Research at the U: Meet ‘The Architects of our New Data-Driven Future’

Students and faculty share their reasons why the U is the best place to study, research and innovate in the ...

RSVP today for the VPR Quarterly Town Hall on March 29

The town hall is open to all faculty, staff, post-docs, and students.

Watch the OUR Awards Ceremony via livestream on April 1

Join in celebrating this year’s award-winning undergraduate researchers and mentors at the U.

Enhancing Research Mentoring Symposium

The symposium will include classes on research mentoring and mentee-ing, research presentations on mentoring, and more.

CTSI R01 Writing Group Now Accepting Applications

The groups will foster peer and senior mentoring to produce top quality grant submissions.

Save the date: April 9th for the Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium

Join us to see undergraduate students from all disciplines at the U present their research and creative work.

Now is the Time to Ask the Library for Books, Materials

All current students, staff, and faculty are invited to suggest specific, big-ticket items.

Take our quick website survey and enter to win a free U Research swag bag!

Survey participants will also get a chance to enter and win a free U Research swag bag.

Sign up for the Ahead of the Curve newsletter!

The free monthly newsletter gives you insight into what’s happening with federal research agencies and possible upcoming funding opportunities.

Internal Submission Opportunities

Applications are being accepted for the Faculty Small Grant Program.

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